October  11, 2011

  Well, hello everybody. October is here, and for awhile we can forget the floods and relax.  We were very fortunate here at Jack’s, with little or no water or damage to anything.  But many of you have talked to us, and weren’t so lucky, and we want to tell you how much we sympathize. 

Our two cats, Tony and Miss Kitty hang out, outside now, and another cat “Lucky,” visits and gets his treats from Sanford, our chief refinisher.  Clinton Street is blessed with improvements, with new businesses opening and much traffic. This is a good sign.  You’ve all been very kind to us, and in this economy, we are very grateful for that. 

            Meantime, Mimi’s book of short stories has been published and you can purchase it in Amazon and Barnes and Noble. In Amazon, (www.amazon.com), you can peek inside the cover and get a look at the Table of Contents and read an excerpt from a story. You can also  read a sample if you own a Kindle or Nook.  She says she couldn’t have published it without our good friend Carl Akins, his expert editing, design and patience.  Actually, we all had a hand in it as Sanford took the cover photo and I came up with the title of the collection.  These are charming stories about a neighborhood; settings are for the most part in or around Binghamton.  Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, but the characters are always complex.       

 Many thanks for your business, and don’t forget to stop in, even if it’s just to say hello. 

Best Wishes  Jack              




July 27, 2011

New Book by Mimi Carmen

Hi Friends!

First of all, we’d like to thank you for all your kind words.  You may remember the old News Letter. My new book is about to be published in print by the first few days of August, the e-book by the end of August. Look for it in Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the library, and Kindle.   “Notes From A Stripper,” by Mimi Carmen.

book cover



October 6, 2010

Dear Friends,

We hope you had a great summer. Aren’t we all happy the floods didn’t hit us with the violence of the previous one that sent neighborhoods reeling and made people lose their homes and all their possessions? We did many burn jobs from people from all over the area.

If you are like me, you are curious about the history of civilization, the history of homes, of how folks lived in the beginning, and through the years. .Way in the beginning, it is likely their choice of homes, and how to live was influenced by the elements, and predators, and they found refuge in rocks and caves, and rooms were mostly made of stone, or animal skins.


Of course as tools became part of their lives, instead of sitting on the floor, or a slab of stone, benches, and primitive chairs evolved, and even though women were still not allowed to choose their own mates, at least they had something more than a slab of stone to sit on. Now their homes began to look like homes instead of holes in the mountains, and even though the men still carried bows and arrows to find food from animals, and long strings of grass woven together for catching fish, they cooked their catches, and ate sitting. in front of a fire, instead of crouching on their haunches.

Architectural Historians give us the sort of interesting details that show us why the style was created. Although many of the homes the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright built are labeled Prairie Homes, actually, the label was created before his homes. The reason Frank Lloyd Wright’s homes were called Prairie Style Homes, was that Wright always wanted his homes to blend with nature. With high ceilings, surrounded by windows, and geometric designs, and with a central fire place, and intimate corners, Wright’s Prairie Homes became some of the most prized in America, although much of the influence was from Japan.

Here is a little story for you, about another kind of home.




July 6, 2010

Dear Friends,

Recently we had a lovely letter from one of our customers. We like to keep names private, but we'd like to pass along her note. This is a customer who has been with us and we'd like to thank her for her business and also for taking time to talk to us.

And folks, hope all goes well as we end June and go on from there.

Happy Fourth of July, have a great time.

Jack and Mimi Carmen, Sanford, Eric and all the rest of the gang at Jack's General Clinton, Inc.


A while ago, we received another wonderful letter.